Harish @quantamix


Harish is Quantamix Solution’s Chief Executive Officer. He is passionate about AI tools and techniques in Digital Marketing, SEO and content optimisation. He has domain knowledge in Risk Model development and implementation and loves new product developments. Quantamix Solutions is the perfect challenge for him.

Harish @quantamix

How AI is Demystifying Traditional SEO Ranking Factors in 2020?

AI is demystifying traditional claims and opinions on 200 Google SEO ranking factors in 2020. Modern-day SEO uses AI tools and techniques in automated content creation, crawling, indexing, semantic topic modeling using word embeddings to enhancing the user experience by page-layout algorithms.  

AI tools and techniques in Semantic SEO

Semantic SEO are the techniques in search engine optimization which enables the search query to provide meaningful results to the user by understanding the intent behind that query