Welcome to CrawlQ AI-Content Automation Toolkit!

1. Welcome and Introduction,

2. Expectation Setting,

3. How to use CrawlQ to Fast Track your Content Authority for more Sales and Rank on Page #1 of Google

1. Welcome and Introduction

Alright. So welcome to the CrawlQ AI-Content Automation Toolkit. Congratulations on signing up. I am Harish Kumar. Founder and Growth Specialist here at Quantamix Solutions.

What we are going to cover in this Introductory Section?

In this introduction Section, You are going to learn

  • What to expect?

  • How to use this Software and Tutorials?

  • What is the story behind it?

What is the single big idea behind CrawlQ?

  • There has been no better time in history than now to spark your passion for the craft and the skills you can use to earn a higher income and become an authority in your field. So if you’re a B2B SaaS founder and struggling to use content to generate more revenue and strengthen your brand, influence, and authority, now is the time to fix it.

  • With the current pandemic, the opportunity to grab attention in the minds of your potential customer is unique, never seen before, and now is the time to turn that crisis into an opportunity.

  • With the new Normal, you will be surprised to learn that now more than ever, you have to work hard to get that behind online sales talks. Sales conversations such as door-to-door presentations, cold calls, personal live demos, and, in general, any content used in one-on-one discussions in the past should be converted to the online format in order to adapt to the post-pandemic scenario.

  • You will be shocked to learn that 96% of founders, content writers, and B2B SaaS marketers are not very confident in using the content to sell and feel frustrated with a disappointing return on investment in content marketing.

  • They rely heavily on paid advertising and expensive referral programs. Most SaaS companies only create content for better brand awareness. Most of the time, they forget to make a deep connection to the problem, emotions, and search intent of their customers, regretting that they cannot convert their leads into sales and get the full ROI of their content marketing budget.

Are you in this situation? It shouldn’t be like this. It’s not your fault, guys. Right?

What is the biggest problem CrawlQ solves?

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  • Most B2B SaaS founders and online entrepreneurs have not developed the framework, processes, and testing approaches needed to identify real customers and create a “Build-Measure-Learn” feedback loop from marketing and sales to product development and content creation.

Do you want to create content that drives sales?

Be on the first page on Google, build authority, and get a ton of good traffic from the ones that just fizzle out?

How did B2B saas founders failures helped to build CrawlQ ?

So, for the last 8 years, I’ve been working on product development and have missed a lot of sales and marketing feedback loops. And I have always wondered who our real clients are.

Why is this so? This must change. So I decided to solve the problem on my own.

First I found that there exist communication silos between sales, marketing, and product development. There is a lack of efficient processes for managing and scaling content that sales and provide feedback to product development engineering. Mostly content is only used for “top-of-the-funnel awareness” and not along the end-to-end customer journey.

In addition, I also found that tech-oriented B2B SaaS founders are not focused on solving specific problems for specific people. Without this goal, it is impossible to create an interesting product. Product development without this clarity is meaningless.

I also found that tech-oriented B2B SaaS founders had failed miserably in marketing. They can’t create content that monetizes, be on the first page of Google, and build credibility.

  • They also end up mixing features, benefits, and business value which actually resides in the mind of the customer whom they forget most of the time while doing product development. They put too much emphasis on the product development process and the technical side, forgetting about the real problems they are solving.

  • They create content focused on product features, which leads to dismal conversions to qualified leads and paying customers. Converting leads into a paying customer is a direct function of emotional marketing value that results from carefully curated sales-oriented content based on your search intent and purchase journey.

  • Finally, most entrepreneurs, marketers, and even content writers have not developed the necessary writing skills optimized for sales. As a result, the sales cycle is too long, the price is too low, and you are spending cash too quickly relying on paid ads and expensive referral programs.

What is the main proposition of CrawlQ for solving this problem?

To address this challenge, I put together an in-depth organic growth model and thesis that explains how to turn your SaaS product into a predictable, data-driven, automated organic growth machine while being extremely capital efficient.

  • The focus here is on organic growth and extremely capital efficient use of the content funnel in a test environment.

What are the main benefits and outcomes of CrawlQ?

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So, here’s what is going to happen when you work with us:

  • You will be able to do sales before you build. Test hypothesis, then pivot or persevere.

  • You will be able to generate leads that match your buyer’s persona and that differentiate from your competitors.

  • You will be able to create content that matches search intent and map to your customer’s journey in the sales funnel.

  • You can finally generate contents that are relevant to your business niche, buyer persona, and the conversion goals

  • You can finally track and measure content ROI with actionable advice and audit.

  • You will be able to provide strong coherent semantic signals to Google resulting in improved crawling, indexing, and ranking of your website.

  • You will be able to create a highly predictable, data-driven, automated conversion mechanism that tracks and measures important metrics and KPIs on marketing and sales revenue.

Within months, contents start workings, customers flood, investors beg. No matter where you’re starting from, we can move the needle for you.

If you want to be a rockstar Tech Founder and Authority in your domain, it’s time to move.

Tell us more about success stories and case studies?

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  • So we’re working with, just before this, as we make a special offer to the large customer base, we were working with early adopters and beta partners of our solution who are participating in the CrawlQ Content Authority Accelerator program.

I have received very great feedback so far as they have not seen such a robust and straightforward system connecting product, sales, and marketing.

  • So notable case studies are, well, our own. We’re using these methods and these tactics. Everything that we’re bringing to you, we use in our own business.

  • Our early adopters are: Kabbex an AI-based mood detection and recommendation platform from the Netherlands is using our testing framework and approach.

  • Lean Case, an investment planning tool from Germany is working with us to test their funnel and customer acquisition process.

  • Abodoo a talent heat map-based AI platform in Ireland and Netherlands partner of efile-cabinet a most advanced Document Management System Software- a US-based client is using our framework and services.

Due to NDAs, I cannot mention more projects but we have got a number of early adopters and getting feedbacks fast enough.

Before we get into the core of our organic growth model and thesis, I’ll quickly show you some proof, just so that you know we applied this on our own business before we bring this to you.

Guys Our own case study {“From 0 to 50 Qualified Leads per month without paid ads and expensive referral programs”}.

But there’s even more. We are the Leading Authority on Page #1 of Google for the use of AI in Semantic content strategy and AI content automation.

Before this strategy, we got less than a 1% conversion rate during the nine months. After we implemented this strategy, we got a more than a 7% conversion rate for our defined content goals.

From Google Search Results, you can see that for search topics like “automated content creation,” “ai content generator,” “content automation tools,” “AI tools in SEO,” and “AI SEO Software,” we rank on Page # of Google and our conversion rate ranges from 4% to 14%.

As I said, we have been working with some customers and getting very positive results. Very soon, we are adding detailed case studies and more proofs here. So keep a watch on this section.

How can CrawlQ help automate content?

  • The most important thing when you work with us is that you create a lab environment where you can run as many tests as possible, from the headline test to the sales letter to the funnel building and establishing a clear organic lead generation set up.

  • By doing this, you ensure that no waste is created. The key is to understand that CrawlQ and the content templates will help you create a reliable test framework as quickly as possible.

  • You create robust processes for validated learning, the “Build-Measure-Learn” feedback loop to know what our customers want from day one. You create product features based on actual customer feedback. Then you will be able to tweak and test and test and test in a controlled and scientific manner with calibrated parameters.

  • This is the key with us when you work with us that you are going to be extremely capital efficient. So it won’t take forever before there is a content funnel up and running for you. It won’t take two months, three months to test and set up a content funnel with the underlying conversion mechanism tested before investing heavily in product development, hiring, and pre-maturely scaling your business.

What you want to achieve is that you want all your content automation and testing is done in a matter of few weeks.

You don’t want to spend money where you don’t have to.

You don’t want to hire people if you don’t have to.

It will therefore be extremely efficient in terms of capital.

How CrawlQ is different from other Content Marketing Solutions out there in the market?

We have tried everything

Before starting to work on the CrawlQ, I tried everything out there in the market. Marketing and sales tools from HubSpot to Semrush, Long-Tail Pro, ContentKing, BuzzSumo. The key problem I faced that all these tools assumed you have perfect product-market fit, your message is resonating. Secondly most of the tools that I tried before starting on my own, I recognized that most of these tools are too focused on Technical SEO and wrapper around Google data.

  • Also, these tools are not designed for founders, marketers and keeping core team in mind, they do not monitor important KPIs and see-through the end-to-end customer journey.

None of the tools I tried works on connecting all the dots between product, sales, and marketing. Also, tools like ClickFunnel or similar other tools narrowly focused on automation but not on content automation and the use of AI in the process to scale the content creation process.

None of these tools focus on building content-based funnels that convert and set foundation based on buyer’s pain-points, competitor differentiation, and product vision.

What makes CrawlQ the best among others?

  • So herewith CrawlQ we are obsessed to develop something which is unique and different. So not only do you have to fill these gaps but also build the pipeline funnel that generates Qualified Leads but you have the opportunity to build a machine that converts those leads into customers. And you are going to do this all in an iterative cycle as fast as humanly possible without any waste or very little waste.

  • Great question. Yes, Content Authority. That’s what as a Core Team you hope, dream, and desire, and fear too. So why else are you here? As a Business Owner and also as a Marketer or Copywriter, you need to identify the desire and channel that desire into your product copy and attach your identity with the strong belief that your product copy can resonate and your product can fix those pain-points. You cannot delegate this job. You can hire product owners, growth consultants, and salespeople. But none of them can replace your job as Core Team to get real customer feedback.

  • The whole point is to build your very own content authority, which brings net worth and cash flow. Okay? That’s the point. That’s our NSM…north star metrics….a popular term coined by startup investor Sean Ellis.

The term North Star metric—drawn from the common name for Polaris, the star that lies directly above the Earth’s Northern pole—is mostly rhetorical.

  • Essentially, NSM is the value your customer gets in return for that price. And your revenue is a direct function of that price. Thus your NSM is revenue, the most critical metric that is maximized using CrawlQ. The key link is that your content authority will boost your bottom line revenue. As a founder, you have a direct role to play for your company before you scale into a big enterprise.

So what ROI we can expect using CrawlQ?

  • So let’s set some expectations and go over some of the ROI. So this solution is not cheap. If you execute all steps in a proper sequence, the Semantic Intelligence of CrawlQ will work automatically for you. The more you use the software in the content creation process, the more you see that it works for you automatically in the background.

  • So if you go through all steps properly and you do the work, the ROI is more than 10x in a short run of 8-10 months and 100x of time or even 1000x in the long run. You are investing in sustainable business growth over a long period. The ROI, it’s huge if you actually take this seriously and do all the work, and you get the results.

Notice: You get out what you put in. So you’re investing your time, your money, your energy in this program. What you put in that is what you get out of this.

  • Just to set some expectations, if you’re at zero, you don’t have an offer yet, or you’re early, you can expect to get to $10,000 a month in 8-10 months. That is 10x ROI, while you will be spending 3x less.

What are the caveats and limitations of CrawlQ?

Now having said about our North Star Metric and expected, here are some essential things to remember.

  • There is no magic here. These tactics, and what I’m going to be showing you in this program, are drawn from the best of best references, texts, and hands-on practical experience. These tactics and tweaks will persist, and most importantly, you as founder and marketer or copywriter will develop your brand, authority, and influence using this software system.

  • You will learn how to use AI tools and techniques using CrawlQ to enhance your copywriting skills, create content for sale, map content to buying and search intent, and model the customer journey.

  • The second thing to remember is there are no excuses. So you’re responsible for the results that you achieve. If you are lazy and not take it seriously, you will get dismal results. The key is to stay focused, consider this in the laboratory, and you are committed to doing rapid experiments.

  • Nothing is a failure and a mistake. Everything you do here is validated learning based on data and evidence. You do not get stuck from feedback received from family and friends but only care for feedback of customers who are ready to open their wallets to pay for your products and services. You strongly believe in the lean principle of product development, and you are committed to hacking growth using content development.

Have you ever thought about how often the term “Growth Hacking” is misused, disguised, camouflaged, and tricked?😰😱🤦🌒

Growth Hacking is NOT:

  • ❌ Bringing expertise together and working towards a common goal for relentless growth

  • ❌ Going into a testing loop

  • ❌ Stretching boundaries, delivering results, and doing the right things

  • ❌ Quick-wins, low-hanging zaps, hacks, bounces, heatmaps, tags, and cool charts

  • ❌ Funnels, lead magnets, pop-ups, opt-ins & sleeky Ebooks

Growth Hacking is about RE-GROUNDING:

  • ✅ Innovating to deliver better, faster, and cheaper alternatives to the existing one (new vs. old way, new vs. old results)

  • ✅ Know your customer deep inside and all-in-and-out more than they know about themselves

  • ✅ Copywriting skills right from founders to testers to experiment persuasive formulas, frameworks, principles, and deep desire and passion for creating content that builds authority and generates real value

  • ✅ Smart Tooling and APIs (spend 10 hours per week on Product Hunt)

  • ✅ High-tempo scientific testing on North Star Metrics (NSM) as a leading KPI that links customer pain-points to your product’s belief-and-believability architecture.

So the point is using CrawlQ, we help you to re-grounding the Growth Hacking.

What are other most important things I should take into account while working with CrawlQ?]

The most important thing to remember.

  • So nothing is a failure; it’s just iteration. You will be coming in with headline messages, hypothesis testing on funnels, VSLs, Ebooks, and other digital assets. You are going to be sending tons of cold emails. You are going to be coming up with all these different experiments, and a lot of them are not going to work initially.

  • You are going to have to embrace that, and you have to understand that that is normal. The key is the speed at which you automate your content creation process in a laboratory setting. You take the data, and you learn, and then iterate.

  • So if you can go through this iteration loop fast, then eventually it’ll convert. And We are here to set up this laboratory for you to do rapid experiments on the content funnel. So the faster you go through this iteration loop, the faster you’re going to calibrate CrawlQ’s Semantic Intelligence in your benefit and to build a profitable business unit case. The faster you’re going to be able to scale the content creation process.

So remember, nothing is failing, it’s just iteration.

How can CrawlQ help me step-by-step from scratch?

enter image description here

What will happen when you set up your first landing pages, send a couple of messages, and booked a few demo calls?

  • So when you have come up with new offers, you’ll put up a new landing page, send 500 messages, and see how it performs. It is a test setup, right? You look at the data. You will then tweak your strategy and re-launch your campaign as fast as possible. That’s the key.

  • So as founders, marketers, or copywriter, you and your core team can create an account at CrawlQ work centrally with the same system from Market Research to creating fully SEO optimized content.

  • There are many content templates, buyer persona information, and content that you are going to develop. There’s an action plan that you are going to go through. Employees can use this program to sharpen skills and get on the same page as executives.

So just follow the Action Items. Focus on this. Do the work, do the job, do the work. Don’t be scared. Do work. Okay?

How to get help and support?

The first thing you want to do if you have a quick question is to post it in the Live Chat Support. You can post a question in the Live Support. I will personally or one of my core team members will answer your questions personally.

Then you can book calls two times a week with us. I will answer the questions, and also we will do hands-on sessions, live sessions to get acquainted with the training material and functioning of the CrawlQ software.

  • You can email and copy your question over to support@quantamixsolutions.com, and you can send this over before our help sessions, and we will review it, or we’ll make you a little video. If you have one-on-ones, just use the link in the welcome package to schedule your one-on-ones, and just make sure that you can send over your copy and your questions beforehand. A lot of times, we can only solve the problem right away, and you don’t even have to wait until your one-on-one. Okay?

What are the key skills that you will learn using CrawlQ?

  • So first things, first, you’re going to learn copywriting frameworks and principles. So you’re going to learn how to sell with written words. Okay? You’re going to learn how to write and convey your message. Market Research and Resonance section is the foundation of CrawlQ to learn to provide you the best value.

  • Then we’re going to get into content automation. You’re going to learn how to build content funnels and assets. Okay? That’s a skill, and you’re going to be very good at building content based funnels. You will build content funnels to test your hypothesis as fast as possible. That is the testing framework we are going to set up for growth hacks.

  • You’re going to learn how to set up and do outbound prospecting.

  • Then you are going into conversion optimization and search engine optimization basics to ensure that your content works as expected and brings conversion and visibility on search results.