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Quantamix Solutions is recognized as one of the Top Key Players in the Content Automation AI Tools in Market, competing along with global leads such as Adobe Systems, Articoolo Inc., Cognizant, Concurred, Cortex.h

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Case Studies

From 0 to 50 Qualified Leads per month without paid ads and referral programs. Leading Authority on Page #1 of Google for “use of AI in Semantic Content Strategy


Before:9 months, 51 clicks”, 0.01% goal conversion rate.



After:4 months, 3.15k clicks”, 7.29% goal conversion rate

Leading Authority on Page #1 of Google for the “use of AI in Semantic Content Strategy.”

“Figure to the left depicts how using CrawlQ in just 3 days our visibility trend increase from 40% to 67.31%

"Our 3-step framework establishes sustained ranking for our domain-niche specific topics for a long period of time”