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Its Core Benefits

  • Dashboards and actionable insights.
  • In-depth knowledge of risk domain
  • Real-time prediction Engine.
  • Generate your credit reports anytime.
  • Push notifications to keep you alert.
  • For lenders, first to default rankings.
  • Insights to improve your score in real-time.

Quantamix Credit Score

QC-SCORETM is Platform where borrowers can check credit score influenced by advanced automated feature engineering, the wealth of our credit risk domain knowledge and psychographics predicting borrower’s behaviour, personality traits, attitude and beliefs which impact their creditworthiness.

Our advanced AI and expert-based model matches the risk profile of borrower with lenders balance sheet risk, key business KPI and integrate with Lenders Credit Risk Engine. Using QC-SCORETM risk assessment toolkit, lenders can personalize their product offerings based on our advanced recommendation engine.

“Quantamix credit risk engine reduces defaults and improve approval rates"

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Personalized & Scalable Experience

We will design and tune the Credit Score model to match us with the borrowers risk profile to your business risk looking at your balance sheet, funding patterns, liquidity and interest rate mismatches and the essential business KPIs into account.

30% higher loan approvals at zero additional cost
45% lower risk of default at higher approval

Our Domain Knowledge

We have years of experience on modelling credit risk, borrower behaviour, asset liability management, liquidity risk, prepayment risk and interest rate risk with strong domain knowledge of financial services products, tools, techniques and regulations like Basel IV, IFRS9 and other Banking Regulations.

QC-SCORETM Aim’s to offer Seamless experience

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