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From 0 to 50 Qualified Leads per month without paid ads and referral programs. Leading Authority on Page #1 of Google for “use of AI in Semantic Content Strategy

Leading Authority on Page #1 of Google for the “use of AI in Semantic Content Strategy.”

“Figure to the left depicts how using CrawlQ in just 3 days our visibility trend increase from 40% to 67.31%

"Our 3-step framework establishes sustained ranking for our domain-niche specific topics for a long period of time”

Using CrawlQ he grew his client’s inbound organic growth funnel by a whopping 68%

CrawlQ discovers buying intent and enables you to tailor your content for language and terms your ideal customers are using. If my blogs and downloadable assets are using the same language as my buyers than my business has more chances of being successful in my content marketing strategy. CrawlQ is technically solid proposition and it helps to bridge the gap between what I am writing and what I should be writing Sushil Krishna, Founder Growack Media
B2B Marketing | Integrated Inbound & Growth Marketing Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

Organic Growth in Revenue: $500k to $1.5m in one month.

CrawlQ has insanely proved me wrong on my SEO knowledge. Old School SEO tactics like backlinks are exposed and brutal lies on guest posts have no place in 2020. It delivers Growth Hacking using AI-powered content optimization and guides me every step of the way to create content that answers my prospect’s questions”. Pankaj Taneja
Managing Partner & Head of Business Operations

Client Testimonials

It’s was pleasure to experience such a tool with great opportunities, using crawlQ I’m always aware of my digital competition and ready to beat them Ulrike Kern
FH Niederrhein , Germany

crawlQ makes me realize how good is my content, what I need to change and what position I'm on and helps to improve my content strategy, and it's the only tool I need to build my reputation in the digital world! Dr. Kerstin Katzer
FH Niederrhein , Germany

I'm running 38 companies and to build authority in the market we use to face a lot of difficulties but crawlQ solved a lot of problems for me and help me save my time, money and energy Brad
JT FoXX | Taiwan

General questions

What distinguishes you from everyone else?

Unlike other traditional SEO tools that are too focused on technical SEO. CrawlQ’s semantic intelligence actually reads your website for meaning and provides in-depth actionable insight and helps you bridge the gap in your content and search intent.

Who are you guys, anyway?

Quantamix Solution was founded a year back, and we launched CrawlQ in Web Summit at Lison on November 04, 2019, and Our sparring partners have established authority in the field of data science and machine learning along with serial entrepreneurship experience of 18+ years in the industry.

What exactly are you promising?

Optimize your semantic content strategy to rank on page #1 of google in 30 days or less. CrawlQ is everything that you need other than a Traffic Analytics & a marketing CRM tool. If you follow the 3-step semantic content optimization framework, results are guaranteed for your selected search terms.

What evidence do you have to back up these promises and claims?

Our own case study From 0 to 50 Qualified organic Leads per month without paid ads and referral programs and many of our happy and satisfied clients who experience the same growth in their inbound organic traffic and visibility

How do I know your solution will work for me? Who hasn't it worked for?

Well, it’s For data-driven B2B SaaS Growth Founders | Entrepreneurs who have at least $10k MRR, who wants to get to $1m ARR. But struggling with online visibility.

How do I present this to my team?

You can use our training video and case studies to educate your team members and colleagues about benefits and possible growth opportunities using crawlQ for your digital assets.

What are the typical contract terms?

Well, our plans are flexible you can always book a demo call to get a price and get on-board, and we will never misuse, trade or sell your personal information with 3rd parties with your concern.

What if I’m not satisfied with your service? what if I want to leave?

if you don’t experience growth and results by using our tool and following our 3-step semantic content optimization framework, you can cancel your subscription anytime

What type of support do you offer?

We will provide you and your team our customizable training resources to master our 3-step semantic content optimization framework, and for any queries and concerns you can always raise a support ticket, we will try to reach you out as soon as possible.

Where did you get the idea to offer this solution?

A half-year back, we started with our own blogging engine on the use of AI and Data Science in Semantic Search, but our blogs were not visible on top results we try to juggle around with traditional SEO tools and tactics, but it didn’t work out, then we decide to solve this problem and run a series of rapid experiments which resulted in the development of CrawlQ and our 3-step semantic content optimization framework

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