Quantadash : A multipurpose analytical Dashboard

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Making valuable decisions has always been one of the most important elements in business and those decisions are made based on numbers, trends, and dynamic visualization tools.  

Business dashboard software is also a tool that gives business leaders valuable information, and it provides a quick outlook of all the most valuable numbers, which allows business leaders to perform accurate business analysis.

At Quantamix Solutions, we are ahead of the curve and we look into cutting edge tools, accelerators and enablers which leverage models, APIs, serverless deployments, event triggers, smart notifications and advanced UI/UX design developments for the dynamic and interactive user-friendly dashboard applications and APIs.

The Dashboard app which we develop is sleekly designed, easy to use, and gives a one-stop view of all business insights and KPIs, including an easy way to keep track of social media platforms, user engagement and traffic on your websites. Our dashboard can incorporate trained machine learning models, integrate third-party APIs, reporting and analytics tools that measure the results of your business goals and social media marketing campaigns. For example, you can attribute social media KPIs to detailed information about the number of likes, clicks, new followers/users and other such activity in an easy-to-understand way.

Dashboards have several benefits such as:

1: It Evaluate Progress With All-In-One Monitoring

Dashboards will allow you to monitor vital data and analytics in real time from a central location and are ideal because they offer a bird’s-eye view of engagement opportunities, demographics, performance indicators and more. For example for a brand engaged with social media marketing, your social media marketing tactics are directly related to your company’s other marketing campaigns (how much budget you allocate to social pages, for example). A dashboard will give you insight into all of your business efforts, at the same time allows you to come up with a better overall strategy.

2: Monitor Multiple Features With Custom Boards and Widgets

Different features require different metrics and data. We at Quantamix encourage you to find a dashboard that allows you to customize and organize different tasks so you can identify and work on individual business requirements simultaneously & seamlessly.

In short, the main purpose of an interactive and dynamic dashboard is to provide a comprehensive snapshot of your business KPIs and enable drilldowns to key features in the data which explains your valuable metrics.

We at Quantamix are excited to customize your business needs to an interactive and dynamic dashboard