Backend Developer

Python, Ruby, Python Flask, Python Django and Python web development server side Backend Developer


Who we are

At Quantamix Solutions, our vision and mission are to build cutting-edge social media web applications and digital ecosystems powered by advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, and machine learning.

Our Team:

We are young entrepreneurs with fire in our hearts to achieve the unthinkable. Our team consists of people from varied background and experiences. We have the right balance of young and very young professionals who thrive to make your dreams because we love our work and we care for our clients. We have our offices in Amsterdam in the Netherlands and Pune, India. We are looking to expanding in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Responsibilities and Duties

Writing reusable, testable, and efficient Python code Design in Flask/Django and its integration with front end technologies like react and angular.

Ability to integrate server-side logic with complex plug-ins, Google Analytics, LinkedIn Analytics, ability to work and integrate Social Media channels like Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram APIs.

Understanding of MVC framework and Restful API implementation.

Ability to understand social media marketing and influencer marketing software features and previous work experience.

Qualifications and Skills


At least 2 to 3 years of experience as a Python developer with knowledge of Flask/Django web framework
Understanding of relational databases such as PostgreSQL or MySQL, and its query processing
Good knowledge of SQL Alchemy, MySQL, forms, blueprints, routes, configuration and production deployment in Flask
Basic knowledge of front-end technologies, such as JavaScript, HTML5, and Bootstrap CSS3, React and Angular
Knowledge of code versioning tool such as Git
Understanding of Flask Restful API Framework
Desired Skills and Experience
PostgreSQL, SQL Alchemy, PHP, Django, MySQL, CSS3, Database architecture, Flask, Social Media APIs, Data scrapping  from Web in


We offer training on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

We offer flexible working hours

We offer training and provide your feedback to have a long term career path with us

  • Designation Web Developer
  • Job Type Full-Time
  • Duration 64 Hours P/Week
  • Contract 2 Year
  • Hiring's 2-4 hires

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