A Career that’s Far From Ordinary

The more talent we have, the more we can accomplish that’s what Quatamix Solutions believe in.

Python Developer Internship

great opportunity for python developers through our internship program to get hands-on experience on python/Django, Web Development, and Web Scraping projects

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Mobile Application Developer

Android, IOS, Java, J2EE, Kotlin, Swift, Angular 3 and React Native

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UI-UX Front End Developer

HTML5, JavaScript, React.js and Angular.js and familiarity with python,

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Backend Developer

Python, Ruby, Python Flask, Python Django and Python web development server side Backend Developer

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Content Writer AI and Machine Learning

As a content writer, you will be responsible for creating and engaging relevant content for our various web and social media platforms.

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Work Culture

We believe in Agile methodology which implies an iterative and incremental method of management and helps our teams to develop an evolving landscape and maintaining a focus on the rapid delivery of business value.

  • Flexible Working
  • Continuous Learning & Challenges
  • Business and Data-Driven Architecture

We welcome you to join our team of top-notch professionals.

We are a bunch of people who think, eat, and dream data every day. We look at this world as a matrix, where getting access to data means access to everything. If you enjoy facing new and exciting challenges every day, if you get equally excited like us by creating something never created before. If you think & dream innovation using data science come join us on this exciting journey! We are looking for dynamic people beaming with a passion for creating and solving problems.

We’re looking for Data Science and Domain Specialists with die-hard attitude to make it happen and a strong background in production ready application development and committed to solving clients most challenging business problems.