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Solutions to Semantic Search

Serverless auto-scalable cloud-based seo crawler, empower business owner, site owner and product owners.

Visualise the internal links

Reading ease analysis

Advanced nlp techniques

Domain level keywords cloud using semantic modelling

Check structure per page and visualize the structure

Analyse how pillar contents are linked with sub contents.


  • This powerful tool quickly scans your entire domain to get your personalised audit score with warnings for any errors or important notices

  • You can create and analyze your favicon, website title and meta descriptions to effectively increase your website ranking

  • The tool integrates with Google analytics and no hassle of index, follow tags, internal and external link. The results can be easily downloaded in excel for prompt business use.

Solutions to all your Technical Problems at one place

You can analyse all the technical aspects of your website i.e.

Why to use CrawlQTM Business Analytics?

  • Serverless, Auto-scalable cloud-based self serving analytics to rank up on all major search engines
  • Empowering Businesses and Enterprise users to implement digital changes with profitable Business outcomes
  • AI-based Automated content suggestions to be ahead of the competition on all digital frontiers

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Analyze your content

It's content suggestion provides a tailor-made recommendation to enhance your content and maximise the dollar value of your organic traffic