Our mission is to help you create high-quality authority content for Scaling Organically

CrawlQ powered by Quantamix Solutions is a Netherlands-based Content Automation AI platform for Founders, Marketers, and Copywriters.

CrawlQ's AI-powered Content Automation platform helps you create high-quality content to engage your target audience, optimize webpages to organically get more clicks, sales, and content authority with cutting-edge Market Research Tools and AI Content Writer. Using CrawlQ you can transform your websites into an organic growth machine that scales organically.

CrawlQ's Semantic Intelligence turns your business domain knowledge into an automated content creation machine using semantics and psychographics of your target audience. It identifies topic clusters, generates new content ideas, runs competitor analysis, and answer questions by double optimizing your content against the user's search intent and emotions.

Meet the CrawlQ Team

CrawlQ powered by Quantamix Solutions is a startup headquartered in Amsterdam. We are a team of data-driven and algorithm product development team with background in data science, software engineering, and content marketing passionate about the future of AI in content automation and customer-driven organic growth

Guide and Mentor

Diederik Fokkema

Visionary & innovative leader applying quantitative applications in business.

Business Advisor

Digendra Vir Singh

Speaker, Author & Serial Entrepreneur translating business acumen to solve real world problems.

Founder & CTO

Harish Kumar

Applying AI to build content that answers questions of your target audience.

Investment Advisor

Pravin Patil

Applying 'innovation' and 'creativity' to use technology by keeping things useful, simple and joyful.

UI design

Manikant jha

Makes web apps in React and builds websites in Node.js.



Passionate about programming and software engineering.


Avinash Singh

Making Code it's best documentation. A full stack developer specializing React, android & UI/UX designing.

Customer success

Hemendra Singh

Building relationships by helping customers grow and achieve goals.

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