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Quantamix Solutions is a Netherlands based AI platform for B2B SaaS Growth Founders | Entrepreneurs Who Wants To Take Their Business Online As Soon As Possible In This Economic Downtime.

Quantamix Solutions helps business with automated content optimization framework & organic growth funnel via its Step by Step CrawlQ Organic Growth Accelerator Program to transform their websites into an organic growth machine, without expensive paid Ads & referral programs. It empowers B2B SaaS Founders | Entrepreneurs Program to Become Market's Leading Authority on Page #1 of Google In 30 Days or less.

Our tool also understand the domain level strength for ranking signals & helps you identify topic clusters, generate new content ideas, run competitor analysis, and answer questions that your customers are searching for by double optimizing your content against the user's search intent.

Grounding Story of our Founder...

Vision & Mission

We build cutting-edge web applications and digital ecosystems powered by advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, and machine learning.


We empower our Community to taste success and we thrive for it to help our stakeholders and community to have seamless customer experience and accelerate towards their business goals.


We are young entrepreneurs with fire in our hearts to achieve the unthinkable. We have the right balance of young and very experienced professionals who thrive to achieve your dreams.


We embrace ideas and challenges which ignite sharp minds to innovate, think-out-of-box, creative and design solutions that add business value and empower our community for achieving life dreams together.


We strive to provide an excellent customer experience and create a flexible ecosystem to connect and engage in our online workspace where you can get in touch with our team & get help.


We provide an environment that creates opportunities for people to grow, learn, and think innovative through our unique work culture where everyone can show up their creativity.

I have 17+ years experience in the industry. I am experienced in semantic search and algorithmic product development. A half-year back, I started writing blogs on use of AI and Data Science in Semantic Search. My blogs were not visible on page #1 of Google. I decided to solve this problem myself and run a series of rapid experiments which resulted in the development of CrawlQ. Harish Kumar
Founder and CEO

After a career in the semiconductor industry, I started financial services career at ABN AMRO, then I moved to Deloitte as a Director to help building the Capital Markets advisory team and then joined EY in 2010 to lead the Quantitative Advisory Service team for NL as an associated partner. During this time i lead various engagements in the area of credit, market risk, IFRS 9 and bank wide stress testing.In 2019 he moved to ING to become Head of Model Risk Oversight, building the team to implement ING’s global model risk management framework. He’s also building the team for validation of AI/ML models Diederik Fokkema
Advisory and Board Member

He is an entrepreneur, author, data consultant, investor with over 18 years of experience launching many companies across globe. He had been james bond in domain of e-commerce, m-commerce since 1998. A perfect T-type person with vast hands on expertise on large Data Digitization projects design and delivery. His experience of business planning, budgeting, financial depths, global market exposure & strong will is exceptional blend and key to his success in different countries. Digendra Vir Singh
Advisory and Board Member

Professional working experience in data science and machine learning to create and train advanced analytical models, raw data processing, data modeling, automation, data interpretation & visualization and artificial intelligence research & Development along with full stack web development and back-end expertise. Abhishek
CTO & Lead Developer

Sushil is the founder of Growack Media - a HubSpot Solution Partner in Integrated Inbound & Growth Marketing space, representing clients, such as Elsevier, IBM, EdCast Inc, Cogoport, Covalent Inc and Peddler. Sushil is a prolific speaker and community builder in Startups, Marketing & Growth domain with griping ideas on Inbound Sales and Growth Roadmaps and as of now he has spent 5+ years in learning and exploring this space. Sushil Krishna
Product Evangelist

Ysabel helps B2B SaaS startups set up Inbound Marketing and implement data-driven marketing. She has worked with several fast-growing startups in Amsterdam to help them increase leads by 40-150%. Formerly a Strategic Brand Planner at Ogilvy & Mather, she is now a freelance Digital Marketing consultant at Growth Marketing by Ysabel. Ysabel Camus
Content Strategist

10 years experience in Business Intelligence working with Multinational Financial Institute, Pharmaceutical Company, logistics, and Retail giants also Worked on several client proposals, RFP’s, solution designs, project estimates and Possess excellent interpersonal, communication and analytical skills. Jitin Vyas
Business Intelligence Expert

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