A Guide To Top 10 AI Tools And Techniques In SEO For Digital Marketing

AI in SEO is an unavoidable and unbeatable trend for upcoming years. We live in the age of voice search engines, chatbots, AI-based keywords research techniques. AI is the backbone of SEO. With Siri to Alexa, to Google Home, AI techniques and AI tools are widespread in SEO for 2020. From organic traffic to paid traffic, AI tools and techniques in SEO cannot be overlooked.

AI in Affiliate marketing SEO is gaining sharp traction and industry is poised to grow 23.8 billion USD by 2023. There are advanced AI tools and techniques to assist with SEO and advanced keywords research.

Quantamix Solutions is one step ahead in understanding and using these advanced AI tools and techniques for SEO in Affiliate Marketing. We are excited to share our experience and how this helped us in content marketing, driving organic traffic, improving ranks in the search engine, choosing keywords that generate leads and conversions. CrawlQ Business Analytics is a top AI in SEO software leading in the era of new-age Semantic SEO in Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking industry.

5 Top Secrets to Organic Conversions and Growth Hacking Revealed

#1 Business Analytics: Analyse semantic site structure, content readability, sentiments, and internal linking, semantic annotations, and actions on load time and technical SEO. It’s highly critical to have content that answers your user’s search intent.
#2 Build Topic Authority: Analyse the semantic Topic Structure of your website as Building authority on specific Topic boost your organic visibility and relevancy of your content for search engine and users. Your content is expected to have specific patterns for high visibility and conversions.
#3 Contextual Analytics: Compare how you perform with respect to your competitors at various levels of content Semantics. It’s a good way to learn and set semantic content improvement goals.
#4 Content Idea Generator: Discover new, trending, authority content topic ideas to build further content for topic authority for your online assets using NLP algorithms. This is a high-quality FREE Semantic Topic generator.
#5 Content Optimizer: Verify the semantic quality of your contents with respect to the user’s search intents. Match your domain level and page level Topics and Semantic Key Phrases with the search intent of the user and identify gaps to optimise it to match it with your top competitors.

We researched the top 50 AI Tools and Techniques for SEO. We divided these SEO tools into three categories: Most of these tools stand out. However, we found CrawlQ Business Analytics most powerful tool for Semantic SEO.

  • AI in SEO insights and techniques,

  • AI in SEO automation workflow tools

  • AI in SEO personalization

Bright Edge

Bright Edge is a platform that contains several modules to help content marketers with optimizing their content. The software includes; Data Cube, Hyperlocal, Intent Signal, Keyword reporting, Page reporting, Content recommendations, Share of voice, Site reporting and story builder.

The most unique feature is their Hyperlocal add-in. This aspect allows users to map out keywords in a specific region; either a country or city. Bright Edge’s Content Recommendations gives the opportunity to read through precise suggestions on each page. It personalizes each page on your site according to what that specific page contains.

The platform provides a unique way to view how various SEO changes impact the brand. The story builder combines data from several pieces of the website to create aesthetic tables and charts, making it easier to decipher the data.

Bright Edge is an enterprise-level SEO platform that enables users to measure real-time digital content engagement. Its features include AI-powered data gathering and analytics on multiple channels such as search, social, and mobile.

Can I Rank?

Can I Rank gathers information from various Search Engine Optimization websites, then takes the extra step to elaborate with suggestions.

What’s So Unique about Can I Rank?

Can I Rank is unique because they have developed their own algorithm of ranking websites? Simply type in a keyword that you’d like to rank for, and the page of your site that you want to rank, and watch as Can I Rank compares your page to not only the top ten pages in Google but also to their own unique algorithm, in order to provide a complete action plan for search engine dominance.

The Action Plan

In many ways, the action plan that Can I Rank produces for each keyword is the core of the service, and where the real magic happens. First, off they’ll give you a current ranking prediction score; and the higher this is, the more likely your site is to rank for the chosen keyword.

Your goal, over time, is to try and get this score as high as possible by following the steps in your action plan. Can I Rank will regularly track your progress and achievements and update your score over time so you can watch your odds of ranking improving?

Pave AI

Pave AI is an AI tool that turns Google Analytics data into helpful insights to improve your everyday marketing strategy. Its algorithm integrates marketing data from different platforms (such as AdWords, Facebook Ads & Twitter Ads) and analyzes them, making it easy to understand what works and what can be improved.

Pave AI offers personalized reports and data-driven recommendations, crossing your data with 16+ million possible combinations to identify the most relevant insights across all marketing channels. We recommend this tool if you wish to cut the time spent on analytics and you’re in need of a quick tailor-made solution to turn meaningful insights into effective marketing strategies.

For example, here are two screenshots with insights: