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CrawlQ helps SaaS Founders, Online Entrepreneurs, Marketers and Copywriters to Identify their Ideal Customers, Differentiate from their Competitors and Optimize Content for Sales and Digital Authority on Page #1 of Google Without Paid Ads and Expensive Referral Programs while being Extremely Capital Efficient
Here’s Everything You Get Today

To: All B2B Sales and Marketing SaaS Founders and Online Entrepreneurs who need to quickly launch and scale ONLINE-BUSINESS using CONTENT but can't afford the expensive copywriters, SEO agencies, growth hackers and funnel builders


Blog Articles, Social Media Posts, Case Studies, Sales Letters, Emails, VSL Scripts, Webinar Slides, Ads & More!

No copywriting or SEO experience needed to create SEO optimised sales-driven content in minutes...

It’s Not Easy to Write "Great Sales Content" that Generates Clicks, Sales and Authority on Page #1 of Google In Fact, It’s Incredibly Difficult!

Until now, you have really only had 2 straightforward options for copywriting sales and SEO-driven content:

You can write
the content yourself and use redundant WordPress SEO Plugins

You can hire a “professional” copywriter and SEO to do it for you.

But with those options, come several additional problems…
First, learning to write effective sales copy that aligns with your target audience, differentiate from competition and optimised for Conversion and Search Engine is far from easy.
The copywriting skills are hard to master and on-the-other hand, Search Engine Algorithms are continuously evolving from keyword search to almost human-like answering machine.

If you don’t have the time OR the motivation to learn how to write amazing sales and SEO content, or you just aren’t confident you could ever be good at it … then, of course, you have the option of hiring a copywriter.

But, again there are many drawbacks to hiring a professional copywriter and SEO …

  • First, the 96% of the B2B Content Professionals can write content only for the "Top-of-the-Awareness" good for knowledge sharing, but far less successful at getting people to actually STOP, CLICK and BUY.

  • Second, Content Writers and SEO specialist cannot dig-deeper to your MARKET's pain points, dreams, desires, suspicions, fear, and enemies. So, their sales message might read well, but do not get resonate with your TARGET AUDIENCE.
  • Third, nobody knows your product better than you. Nobody. So, by hiring Content Writers and SEOs to make your content performs well, you’re blindly convinced that they’ll understand the actual benefits of what you’re selling. And more often than not, EVEN IF with their BEST POSSIBLE EFFORT, they’ll know, maybe 40% of what you together with SMART Semantic AI will know … and that just won’t be even good enough to make up for overall results both in sales and on Search Engines.

  • Fourth, hiring a copywriter isn't not cheap. The lower-priced ones charge $2,000+ for a long-form sales letter or video script. The average copywriter charges $5,000-$7,000, and the good copywriters charge $15,000 and up. All for a single sales letter! Oh, and did I mention that most require a 50% deposit upfront before they even start writing?

So, where does that leave you?

It leaves you wasting time and money on a copywriter who could FAIL you, on a SEO agency who is still using old ways and old tools making you more frustrated and even worse off than when you began.

…and probably wishing you knew how to do it all yourself.

Now, on the flipside, you could purchase all sorts of books and courses from the copywriting greats …and subscribes to many SEO tools out there... and there are plenty of old school keywords-based copywriters and SEOs out there to choose from.

But… with that,
there are even more problems:


It costs money to invest in copywriting courses, books and SEO Tools, and while you can get most books for under $50, and SEO Tools under 100, it’s still an investment in something that’s ultimately dependent on old ways, with old results and very much dependent on what you can ...implement with these


It takes a considerable amount of time to read a book and understand these Tools narrowly focused on redundant Technical SEO even after a significant update in Google Search Algorithms. Old way of writing a copy and optimizing it for SEO can take 6 months


And here’s the biggest problem of them all … unfortunately, copywriting and SEO aren't something you can expect to be good at within short time. Learning to identify right target audience, discovering search intent and automating the copy that creates clicks, sales and authority can takes years of practice to become great at it, and most people never succeed. Of course, that process takes both time and money, … which is why there are very few truly GREAT copywriters and SEO Tools in the world.

Who Am I ? 
AND How Do I know this?

Hi, I’m Harish Kumar, and I’ve been a professional product developer since 2010 … so I’ve personally experienced all the content creation and automation challenges I just mentioned both for copywriting and SEO.
I have helped literally Big Companies around the world set up their Financial Risk Calculations Engines, lead software development teams, and created and developed content marketing and SEO automation. I'm here to tell you the TRUTH...you need to know about HOW AI can empower you to automate content creation! 

How you can turn Your Ideas into Content at Scale? 

In fact, here's the biggest problem you face right now...

It's expensive copywriters and rapidly evolving Google's search algorithms. Content Today MUST meet TRUST, it needs to be VALUE-DRIVEN and COMPELLING to beat the most advanced Search Engine Algorithms. Without AI, it is Costly and Time-Consuming.

But that's not the end of the problem. It actually gets worse! Why?

Because it’s hard to SCALE the content creation and meet the expectations of users who are looking for specific answers based on their real questions rather than a bunch of keywords!

Which means you won't be visible on PAGE #1 of Google, your content goals are not aligned with the PRODUCT, SALES, and MARKETING...

And it does not resonate with your website visitors losing your credibility to turn visitors into leads and paying customers...
Just wasting your time and money.

But Luckily for You, There's Now A Solution to Your Problem!! 

But before we get into that, let me share a quick story with you...

I was a Software Developer with no background in Copywriting trying to create content that could rank on Page #1 of Google.

The thing is, at the time I was trying to figure out how to use many Copywriting, SEO, and Content Automation Tools to find new content ideas.

The big problem was that I couldn't figure out how to create Sales Letters, Emails, Case Studies, Blogs and Video Scripts that generate clicks, sales and also at the same time ranks on Page#1 of Google.

I was almost leaning to the scariest choice to hire an experienced copywriter and use expensive SEO tools burning cash too fast even before getting my first few BETA Customers.

That meant I was ready to just give up on my dream to enter into a new domain of Content Marketing and go back to strictly Software Development, which meant I was literally walled off from a new 

career jump and...

Never going to be confident in making new DECISIONS and my life-changing CHOICES living depressed life-long for my dreams 
squashed forever.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...

Double Your Conversion Rates, Be Capital Efficient, 
Create Content that is Compelling, Build Trust and Serve Value

Fast-track Your Content to #1 in Search Engines and Authority Listings 

I ran into an Ex-Colleague from my previous job who told me a million-dollar secret about combining Neuro-linguistic Patterns...

Model customer journey resulting in creating content that resonates with the top, middle, and bottom of the Sales Funnel!

Instantly it became crystal clear to me...

How I can get all of my contents scripted using a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), automatically WITHOUT Hiring An Expensive Copywriter!...


I plan to start with my own Content Automation Tool, Templates, and Frameworks that have a Unique, and Faster approach to automate the content creation process.

So, I started building a Web Crawler and SEO Audit tool to learn different Search Engine Ranking Factors. 

And I didn’t stop there...

Then I started devoting time to research copywriting formulas and identifying neuro-linguistic patterns to understand what motivates a website visitor to click, take actions, and leave credit card details.

After that, I found a small Team, developed the necessary Templates and Frameworks. 

CASE STUDY: CrawlQ's AI Content Writer has been shown to be 4x better and way more Effective with targeted audiences...with Organic click-through rates as high as 8%*! when compared with traditional written content

Bottom line...

In the end using CrawlQ,  we were able to 60x our Organic Search Click-through Rate and ranked on page #1 of Google for AI Tools and Techniques in SEO, Growth Hacking, and many other related topics in less than 30 days.

We call it “CrawlQ AI Content Automation Toolkit”. 

"Discover How CrawlQ Combines Neuro-linguistic Patterns, Natural Language Generation and Semantic
Intelligence into Most Advanced Automated Sales and Authority Copywriting Experience"
Boom - With CrawlQ AI Content Automation Toolkit, NOW,  YOU can combine the Untold Secrets from dozens of copywriting books, sales, and marketing formulas based on Neuro-linguistic Programming, combined with Semantic Intelligence of Google's BERT and Open AI's GPT algorithms...


This is the best way to write great sales copy with zero experience in Copywriting.

  • Information Architecture
  • Competitor Differentiation
  • Buyer's Persona

We designed a deadly combination of Market Research, Competitor Differentiation, Topic Modeling, and Search Intent Discovery Wizards to build the most-advanced AI-Content Writer...

Which means, NOW.... you can create content that resonates with your ideal customers and map to the customer's journey in your sales funnel.

FINALLY, you can automate and optimize for higher conversions in search engine rankings...

Get Even More Clicks...

With CrawlQ... NOW you can build the smartest information architecture using Topic Clusters on your website to Fast-track your Content Authority on Page #1 of Google...

This lets you bypass Copywriters, Growth Hackers, Funnel Builders, SEO Agencies - which in turn avoid waste of time and resources and pain of trying to endlessly guess about content headlines, sales copy, blog contents, and even Offers...

Best Of All...

CrawlQ lets you create content that resonates with your target audience in just a couple of days after answering the initial Niche-specific Market Research Information Vector. 

And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you...

so you can get these types of results too!

So, Here's What I've Got For You Today...

If you're a B2B Sales and Marketing SaaS Founders and Online Entrepreneurs who really need to quickly launch sales funnels but can't afford the expensive copywriters and SEO agencies, here's the solution you've been looking for...

"Studies show how 96% of Business to Business Content
is not sales driven." 

Can you imagine HOW HUGE is that gap is?

Introducing... "CrawlQ"

The Ultimate Shortcut To GREAT 

Do You Want to Create a Video Sales Letter?

Simply fill up a few questions… and based on their answers; CrawlQ generates the perfect content to speak to your targeted audience about their pain, desires, fears, failures, milestones and roadblocks.
With CrawlQ, You can automatically create sales driven content that aligns with your potential customer, while structuring the information on your website!

Grow Your Prospects with a HOLISTIC care for a WIN-WIN

  • Create Sales letter, Case Studies, Testimonials, e-Books

  • Build rolling sequences of Emails Autoresponders

  • ​Generate high-converting Social media posts

  • Build your own content scripts for blogs and articles

  • Paraphrase and text summarize your favorite online digital assets


Get Onboard With CrawlQ Now!

"The Real SECRET For How To Get All Of Your Sales Letters, Scripts, Webinar And Email Autoresponders Written (Automatically In Under 10 Minutes) WITHOUT Hiring An Expensive Copywriter, SEO Agencies, Growth Hackers and Funnel Builders!"

How It Works ?

What Everything You Need to Know About AI Content Automation

STEP 1: Profile your ideal customer using advanced NLP-powered Market Research

Before, when you wanted to create your Ideal Buyers Persona, you would have to build MVP  with offers for multiple customers simultaneously resulting in the long iteration for problem-solution fit, poor utility value, poor ROI on capital and poor market resonance
But now, you can use this CrawlQ AI-Powered Market Research and Resonance to define your ideal customer.

Finally, NOW you can get inside the minds of your ideal customers quickly and create content that instantly set yourself apart from every other competitor they're considering and...
Literally save HUNDREDS of hours of A/B Test and Niche-research time while reaching even the most outrageous sales goals faster than you ever imagined possible...
CrawlQ AI-Powered Market Research and Resonance helps you define and map out your ideal customer using advanced NLP algorithms and automation to generate content that resonates...

Do you see how easy that is? 

STEP 2: Niche-specific Contextual Competitor Differentiation

Before, when you wanted to analyze your competition and differentiate yourself, you would have to find keywords with High Search Volume and low cost-per-click (CPC)... that haven’t been targeted by your competitors...

And you would have to use keyword tools like Long-tail Pro, Semrush, Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest which are built as a wrapper around Google data.
But now, you can use this simple CrawlQ Niche-specific Contextual Competitor Differentiation to analyse and differentiate from your competition without ignoring your customer’s buying journey and guessing based on keywords search volume and CPC value.

Now compare URL to  URL identifying  who is your organic and direct competitor... Using semantics and psychographic...

Which means you will provide strong semantic and direct signals to Google for higher rankings as compared with your competitors. 

Do you see how easy that is? 

STEP 3: Information Architecture using Topic Modelling

Do you see how easy that is? 

Before, when you wanted to build information architecture on your website, you would have to identify internal links manually based on the eyeball method, gut feeling, and link pages without a specific conversion goal and sales objective.
But now, you can use this simple CrawlQ Information Architecture using Topic Modelling to achieve...

10x more user engagement and provide strong coherent semantic signals to Search Engine resulting in improved...

Crawling, indexing, and ranking of your website without poor information architecture, bad user experience and wasting of crawl budget resulting in higher content ROI.

STEP 4: Content Automation using AI Copywriter

Before, when you wanted to create content for your Sales Funnel, you would have to create a headline and provide a list of keywords to content writers which are purely based on keywords idea without linking search intent, buyer persona, and Niche-Specific Competitiveness.
But now, you can use this simple CrawlQ AI Copywriter
to generate content that resonates with your target audience.

This Analytics Self-Service software Piece of CrawlQ helps you...
...to get off to a fast start with automating all your content for higher-conversions and search engine rankings.
This will take all the anxiety and worry to learn and master copywriting skills and hire an expensive copywriter...
You will feel confident and save money without relying on paid ads, expensive copywriters, and conversion specialist GURUs.

Do you see how easy that is? 

STEP 5: Search Engine Optimization

Before, when you wanted to optimize your text, voice, and video content for Search Engine, you would have to rely on the SEO agency to fix this. This approach results in too much focus on technical SEO with old-fashioned technical audit tools without any accountability
But now, you can use this simple CrawlQ Content ROI focused Semantic SEO on text, voice and video search to achieve ranking on Page #1 of Google without the need to work with an SEO agency or dealing with a poor website which is difficult to optimize for higher rankings.

This Analytics Self-Service software Piece of CrawlQ helps you...
...to get off to a fast start for a hilariously profitable content funnel that turns your website.. "into an organic growth machine without paid ads and expensive referral programs"... 
which lets you maximize ROI on your content marketing budget and avoid committing a shocking mistake of prematurely hiring SEO agencies and growth hackers without first building a strong foundation and leverage...

Do you see how easy that is? 



Using CrawlQ he grew his client's inbound organic growth funnel by a whopping 68%

CrawlQ discovers buying intent and enables you to tailor your content for language and terms your ideal customers are using. If my blogs and downloadable assets are using the same language as my buyers than my business has more chances of being successful in my content marketing strategy. CrawlQ is technically solid proposition and it helps to bridge the gap between what I am writing and what I should be writing
Sushil Krishna, Founder Growack Media
B2B Marketing | Integrated Inbound & Growth Marketing Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

Eckhard Ortwein
Founder at Lean-Case | 25+ Years experience in Business Planning | Wiesbaden-based SaaS startup with Strong Focus on Business Planning Tools, Coaching and Consulting

I am really glad to work this Single Niche-focused content funnel and I am looking forward how CrawlQ AI can help us in our content automation needs in SaaS Business Planning

Upon completing initial market research, Quantamix Solutions using CrawlQ AI Content Automation Tool, helped Lean-Case to create content for thier "Series A Funding Seekng Founders" Funnel. This is on-going currently and Eckhard is impressed with the content creation capabilities of the Tool.

I am really glad to work this fully Functional Testing Funnel with a proper Niche and Testing Approach Defined and I am looking forward how CrawlQ AI can help us in our content automation needs.

Upon completing initial market research, Quantamix Solutions using CrawlQ AI Content Automation Tool, to help Kabbex identify their ideal buyer persona, prepare original content and A/B Split Testing Mechanism with outbound conversion mechanism and in-bound content focused funnel. Jafar is eager to get valuable solution into the hands of more Video Marketing Agencies.
Jafar Lofti
CEO at Kabbex.com | Kabbex is Netherlands-based Advanced AI-platform | Helping Video Marketing Agencies to measure the video’s performance

Some of our early adopters...

Abodoo The Netherlands Education Group Kabbex Lean-Case 2IS Consulting
Improve Digital Growack Media KPM Global Technologies Chat Metrics E Difference
Pace Court KHMS CNS Logistics WEBACE LOGO IT Solutions


Get Onboard With CrawlQ Now!

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With CrawlQ

 Market Research 

( $2,997 Value )

Let AI-powered Psychographics and CrawlQ Semantic Intelligence Discovers your Ideal Customers and serves them with Most-advanced AI-generated Content... 
Made Super Easy

 Competitor Differentiation  

($1,897 Value)

Use CrawlQ's [Done-For-You] Competitor Differentiation to analyze your competition EFFORTLESSLY and STAND OUT FROM YOUR COMPETITION!

 Topic Modeling  

($2,167 Value)

With CrawlQ, you also get access to a valuable cluster-modeling tool to develop data analytics that will help you create even better internal interfaces for the semantic digital structure of your assets.

 AI Content Writer  

($3,797 Value)

Scale your content creation using CrawlQ AI Content Writer. Discover new trending content using combining Neuro-linguistic patterns and Advanced Natural Language Processing. Let Semantic Intelligence of CrawlQ create content your customer needs.

 Search Engine Optimization  

( $2,997 Value )

Create more Effective Tactics to SMARTER, FASTER, BETTER Conversion and Search Engine Optimization unlocking Organic Growth and Authority without Paid Ads and Expensive Referral Programs.

Get Onboard With CrawlQ Now!

 Content Strategy and Roadmap 

( $1,597 Value )

Bonus #1
This Software Template makes it simple to research demographics, psychographics, and semantics aspects of your niche audience super fast and store as standard content SOP for your company which helps you grab attention and get inside your customers' minds quickly and spot hidden opportunities and unique and useful insights your competitors will miss because they don't have this detailed research tool.

 Money Making Funnel Templates 

( $897 Value )

Bonus #2
This PDF wireframes and HTML templates make it simple for you to instantly come up highly converting sales, opt-in, home, about us, qualification quiz, demo, thank you, blog index, and other Niche-specific landing pages so you're able to avoid the humiliation of begging for Web Designers, HTML and CSS experts. Easily import and adapt these templates to your desired hosting platform. and stop wasting months of time to figuring out the right templates and funnel automation mechanics.This PDF wireframes and HTML templates make it simple for you to instantly come up highly converting sales, opt-in, home, about us, qualification quiz, demo, thank you, blog index, and other Niche-specific landing pages so you're able to avoid the humiliation of begging for Web Designers, HTML and CSS experts. Easily import and adapt these templates to your desired hosting platform. and stop wasting months of time to figuring out the right templates and funnel automation mechanics.

 Content Performance and SEO Reports 

( $797 Value )

Bonus #3
This Notification and Email Reports with Q&A Support gives you the secret to getting notified about the performance of your content, important actions that you need to monitor and monitor rankings of your main target keyword topics, and how you can take timely action on identified gaps and discover new opportunities and track and measure important KPIs to maximize your return on content marketing without guessing and wasting your time in A/B testing.

 ROI Calculator 

( $497 Value )

Bonus #4
NOW you can Track and Measure Content ROI based on trust and value without wasting months and months of work trying to analyze what your customers want.

 Copyrighting Cheat-Sheet 

( $397 Value )

Bonus #5
Ultimate Secret A-Z Cheat-Sheet Behind the Scene of CrawlQ AI-powered Copywriting is Revealed

 Content Automation Checklist 

( $297 Value )

Bonus #6
This Action-based Smart Template makes it simple to implement Demographics, Psychographics, and Semantics aspects of your niche audience.
30-Day Action-based 
Money-Back Guarantee

If "CrawlQ " doesn't help you Research your ideal customer Avatar - scientifically and develop a military-like Standard Operating Protocol (SOP) for all your content automation so you can stay laser-focused on your business...  

Or if it fails to get all your funnel scripts, social media posts, email scripts, and much more automatically done for you...
... then we'll refund your money,
No Questions Asked!
All the risk is squarely on our shoulders. You have nothing to lose but you have all the success to gain with your Content Automation results!

WARNING: If You Don’t Exploit 
This, Your Competition Will

Like we said, this year gives you an unprecedented opportunity to level-up your online marketing. Don’t waste this opportunity to Automate and Optimize your content more more Clicks, Sales and Authority . Don't miss out and let your competitors pass you by.

Whether you get CrawlQ or not is up to you, but many of your competitors will be scooping this up for the early bird, one-time price and using it against you.
They will be automating their content with our proprietary Semantic Intelligence Techniques and Fast-Track their content Authority and more Sales  with far faster than average.

Here’s Everything You Get Today

P.S. - On behalf of the entire CrawlQ team, I want to welcome you to the best AI-powered Content Creation Software you’ll find out there. 

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