Learn more how COVID-19 Scenarios could impact your Business in next 3-months

How To Become Your Market's Leading Authority on Page #1 of Google In 30 Days Or Less without paid ads and referral program: Strategy during and post COVID-19

Base Scenario -1

  • Current Lockdown flattens the curve
  • Normality returns in May with social distancing to continue entire summer (8-12 months)
  • Work from home for foreseeable future
  • Vaccine under development, tested but not yet mass deployed
  • More widespread vaccine testing continues
  • Winter outbreak is more manageable
  • Countries are able to manage another outbreak without full lockdown

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Winter lockdown returns Scenario -2

  • Virus returns in the autumn
  • New spread pushes most economies back to lockdown
  • Crisis management is more experienced
  • Containment measures more tailor-made keeping some regions and sector up-and running
  • It will take late 2022 before most economies have returned to their pre-crisis level.

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Best Case Scenario -3

  • Full lockdown ends by summer
  • Global travel returned to normal
  • Winter outbreak seen less likely
  • Business and world trade returns to normal
  • Antibody testing reveals large population has already virus, so immune to it
  • Vaccine developed and entered mass production
  • Immunity to virus proves long-lasting

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Worst Case Scenario -4

  • Lockdown until Q2 2021
  • Vaccine is developed and deployed over the winter months, but less effective
  • Lots of economic, social and political turmoil
  • Economies shrinking at double digit rate
  • It will take 2023 before most economies returned to their pre crisis level.

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The COVID-19 Pandemic places Companies in 3-categories

Survive Adapt Grow
E.g., Travel, Events, Brick and Mortar Retail Business and Restaurants E.g., Tech/SaaS, Consulting, Professional Services and anyone without side channel sales E.g., e-Commerce, e-medicine, e-learning, well-being and on-demand gaming, fintech, logitech and IT services
Rely on socialization and physical gathering. Most businesses fall here where operations are impacted but not decimated. These companies are uniquely positioned to solve COVID-19 related challenges.
Most negatively affected by social distancing measures. ROnce they survive the initial shock, they need to maintain investment in online presence and pipeline generation. They are rapidly growing and need infrastructure support to meet the increased demand.
They need new strategies to go to adapt and growth mode. They will heavily focus on risk mitigation solutions and product for themselves and their clients.

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Learn How COVID-19 Scenarios will impact your business

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