How To Automate Content Creation and Optimise content for Sale and SEO Without mastering SEO skills or learning Copywriting

CrawlQ helps SaaS Founders, Online Entrepreneurs, Marketers and Copywriters to Identify their Ideal Customers, Differentiate from their Competitors and Optimize Content for Sales and Digital Authority on Page #1 of Google Without Paid Ads and Expensive Referral Programs while being Extremely Capital Efficient

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Quantamix Solutions is recognized as one of the Top Key Players in the Content Automation AI Tools in Market, competing along with global leads such as Adobe Systems, Articoolo Inc., Cognizant, Concurred, Cortex.h

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Case Studies

From 0 to 50 Qualified Leads per month organically without paid ads and referral programs. Leading Authority on Page #1 of Google for “use of AI in Semantic Content Strategy"


Before: "9 months, 51 clicks", 0.01% goal conversion rate.



After: "4 months, 3.15k clicks", 7.29% goal conversion rate

"Our 7-step framework and organic growth model establishes sustained ranking for our domain-specific topics for a longer period of time."

Using CrawlQ he grew his client's inbound organic growth funnel by a whopping 68%

CrawlQ discovers buying intent and enables you to tailor your content for language and terms your ideal customers are using. If my blogs and downloadable assets are using the same language as my buyers than my business has more chances of being successful in my content marketing strategy. CrawlQ is technically solid proposition and it helps to bridge the gap between what I am writing and what I should be writing Sushil Krishna, Founder Growack Media
B2B Marketing | Integrated Inbound & Growth Marketing Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

"Organic Growth in Revenue: $500k to $1.5m in one month.

CrawlQ has insanely proved me wrong on my SEO knowledge. Old School SEO tactics like backlinks are exposed and brutal lies on guest posts have no place in 2020. It delivers Growth Hacking using AI-powered content optimization and guides me every step of the way to create content that answers my prospect's questions". Pankaj Taneja
Managing Partner & Head of Business Operations

Who is this for ?

This is for B2B SaaS Founders who are too focused on expensive paid traffic generating poor quality leads resulting in 8x long Sales cycle and lack of content authority

No matter how influential you are, if you don't act fast and model the actual customer behavior, you will run out of cash, clients and your competitors will outperform you and you will end-up giving away equity to save your business.

Core Proposition

Here's the You can be extremely successful with your B2B SaaS Content Marketing Strategy using a customer-centric content funnel that model’s the customer journey and turn your website into predictable, data-driven, automated, organic growth machine as fast as humanly possible.

You can build your SaaS business from $0-$1M ARR in 8-12 months while being extremely capital efficient without raising money if you model the Actual Customer Behavior that converts. However, most entrepreneurs fail and run out of money or Give up their Equity too early just before they could have PIVOT OR PERSEVERE

And..we are the only authority dedicated to model Actual Customer Behavior that converts for B2B SaaS founders

Background Story

We launched CrawlQ in Web Summit on November 04, 2019.

We started applying statistical and machine learning techniques to model customer default behavior in banks' lending business. We decided to use the same methods to Model Customer Behavior to boost organic growth in the B2B SaaS business, but we found nothing other than a few books on the topic.

Then we decided to solve this problem by ourselves and run a series of rapid hypothesis testing and experiments, which resulted in the development of CrawlQ. The Unique and Useful Insights we gained was by far our expectations. The solution worked better than we have ever imagined. Everyone else was asking if it will work for them as well. Our new mission is to get the solution in the hand of B2B SaaS Founders like you.

Organic Growth Model and Thesis

Activity 1: Profile your ideal customer using advanced NLP-powered Market Research and Resonance

Old Way

  • Building Software without understanding customer needs

  • Building Business Niche agnostic websites with offers for multiple customers simultaneously

  • Premature hiring and raising money

New Way

  • Build a Concierge or Smoke Screen MVP to validate critical assumptions and model Actual Customer Behaviour

  • Build Niche-Specific conversion focused sales funnels using AI tools and techniques

  • Combine customer behaviour and unique and useful insights to create profitable unit business case

Old Results

  • Waste months of work to learn what your customer want

  • Long iteration for problem-solution fit, poor utility value, poor ROI on capital and poor market resonance

  • Running out of money before getting traction, long path before realizing failure

New Results

  • Get sales before you build. Test hypothesis, then pivot or persevere.

  • Find offers that immediately resonate. Track and measure content ROI based on trust and thought authority

  • Predictable business growth with scientific research while being extremely capital efficient

Insights: Profile your ideal customer using advanced NLP-powered Market Research and Resonance

  • Only 26% of B2B companies craft content based on specific stages of the customer journey. Out of this, 72% of the content is mapped to top-of-the-funnel and mid-funnel contents. Only 14% of the content is used during sales.

  • Using AI to model customer behavior and map contents to the sales funnel stages leads to a 60% increase in resonance and 5x more profitable business unit case.

Market Research ROI

Activity 2: Niche-specific Contextual Competitor Differentiation

Old Way

  • Finding keywords with high search volume and low cost-per-click (CPC) that haven’t been targeted by competitors

  • Using keyword tools like Long-tail Pro, Semrush, Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest, which are built as a wrapper around Google data and considering old metrics like domain authority based on backlinks or relying on research based on tools like Similarweb or Alexa

New Way

  • Identify long-tail topics relative to ideal customer profile and search intent with clear conversion goals relative to the top, middle and bottom of the sales funnel

  • Consider Niche-specific context like demographics, psychographics, trends, industry-level competitiveness. Use NLP algorithms to identify competitor differentiation to add unique value

Old Results

  • Niche-specific context is ignored, poor utility and waste of scarce resources

  • Poor market resonance, the buyer’s journey stage is ignored and acquiring unnatural backlinks which hurts your organic ranking. External tools do not know your exact traffic and their predictions are not true. Results in duplicate content, low ranking, low utility value and can invites penalty from search engines

New Results

  • 10x higher user engagements and 3x more scroll depth resulting in better modeling of customer behavior

  • Stop wasting marketing and sales budget. Create 3x more predictable, automated, data-driven sales with a reduced sales cycle. Rank on page #1 of Google as fast as humanly possible.


Match Search Intent with buyers persona

Insights: Niche-specific Contextual Competitor Differentiation:

  • Niche-specific contextual competitor differentiation using semantics, demographics, psychographics trends leads to 10x high-converting contents due to unique value creation

  • Using AI to identify competitor differentiation results in higher search rankings resulting in more organic growth, content authority and brand reputation

Match Search Intent with buyers persona

Activity 3: Niche-specific Content-driven Organic Growth Funnel and Lead Generation

Old Way

  • Creating shallow content funnel without clearly defined conversion goals

  • Buying a lead list from outside without matching to buyer’s persona story pain-points and search intent analysis.

New Way

  • Identify clear content goals relative to the top, middle and bottom of the sales funnel

  • Define sales process stages, map content to each of the stage relative to the search intent.

Old Results

  • 80% of B2B SaaS Founders focus on paid traffic

  • Poor quality leads, prospecting is not aligned with product and marketing goals. The sales cycle is 8x longer.

New Results

  • Content marketing generates 3x more leads while costs on average 62% less.

  • Product, sales and marketing goals are aligned. And now you can generate Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and/or Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) with a 65-75% conversion rate to paying customers.

Match Search Intent with buyers persona

Insights: Niche-specific Content-driven Organic Growth Funnel and Lead Generation

  • Matching search intent with the Buyer’s purchase journey leads to 3x more ROI on content capital. Different content types are mapped to different funnel stages based on identified search intent using market research and resonance in the previous step and generating leads which are marketing and sales qualified.

  • The top 3 types of content B2B marketers use are social media content (95%), blog posts/short articles (89%), and email newsletters (81%). Other content types used in last 12 months: Long-Form Text (e.g., articles 3,000+ words) (38%); Research Reports (34%); Print Magazines (24%); Podcasts (21%); Live Streaming Content (10%); e Books (9%); and Other (12%)


Content Marketing Organic Funnel + Inside Sales

Activity 4: Information Architecture using Topic Modelling

Old Way

  • Identifying internal links manually based on the eyeball method and gut feeling

  • Linking one page to another page without a specific conversion goal and sales objective

  • Creating keyword-focused content without understanding topic distribution and semantic coherence

New Way

  • Build strong internal linking architecture to provide a maximum user experience

  • Cementing information architecture such that a strong push is created toward the bottom of the sales funnel

  • Identify topic clusters on your sales funnel, measure the coherence of topic coverage, remove irrelevant topics and provide strong signals to search algorithms

Old Results

  • Poor information architecture and bad user experience

  • A warmed prospect leaving without taking desired actions wasting marketing ROI

  • Waste of crawl budget and Google Bot not able to identify and classify content resulting in poor crawling, indexing, and ranking.

New Results

  • 10x higher user engagements and 3x more scroll depth resulting in better modeling of customer behavior

  • Stop wasting marketing and sales velocity. Create 3x more predictable, automated, data-driven organic growth funnel

  • Provide strong coherent semantic signals to Google resulting in improved crawling, indexing and ranking of your website. Measurable impact on content ROI as a result of an increase in conversions using the organic channels.


Establish Topic Authiority

Insights: Information Architecture using Topic Modelling

  • Information architecture based on topic clusters provides a quantifiable framework to better model the customer behavior

  • Identifying, monitoring and curating content based on topic clusters results in 8x better crawling, indexing and improved ranking in search results.


Establish Topic Authiority

Activity 5: Automation of Content Creation using Rule-based Text Generation

Old Way

  • Creating a headline and list of keywords and hiring content writers to fill 90% of the content

  • Creating content-based on keywords without linking the search intent, buyer persona and the niche-specific competitiveness

New Way

  • The new way is to use NLP algorithms to mine content which answers user’s question comprehensively, instead of creating content around keywords

  • Semantic content ideas generator provides an easy means to track your rank against your competitors on Google and keep track of sales funnel goals to attract, engage and delight the customer

Old Results

  • Content with poor quality, not aligned with the buyer’s persona and conversion goals resulting in frustrations and hard to measure content ROI

  • Long iteration cycle to manually figuring out if the content is search engine optimized and ranking impact is known after long-gap from the moment content is published

New Results

  • This technique uses artificial intelligence (AI) that generate rule-based text with a predefined document structure that relies on mapping the buyer’s person to search intent, resulting in 70% draft of the content created automatically

  • Identify content ideas based on topics relevant to business niche, buyer persona and conversion goals maximizing the feedback loop from marketing and sales to product development


Unleash power of AI to mine topics

Insights: Automation of Content Creation using Rule-based Text Generation

  • Using NLP Algorithms and rule-based text generators, it is possible to mine contents that inherit and align from buyer’s person, keep track of competitor differentiation, and maps to different stages of customers buying journey.

  • You can keep track of the important KPIs which align the goal of the content creation from qualified lead metrics, search rankings, website engagement, customer acquisition cost (CAC) to sales effectiveness.


Unleash power of AI to mine topics

Activity 6:Conversion optimization for better Content Marketing ROI

Old Way

  • Search Engine Optimization practice is seen independently to the Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Investing in content creation and driving organic traffic without a sales process, CRM and supporting outbound prospecting automation

New Way

  • Build and install smart content funnel that automates and track smart content conversion goals

  • Automate and set up hypothesis testing to create predictable data-driven lead generation and sales process before making big investments in content marketing

Old Results

  • The old way results in websites content that holds information and fails to convert traffic into sales qualified leads

  • Takes a long time before you see results from organic traffic. Too much focus on traffic generation without first setting up the foundation for the strong sales process and conversion mechanism.

New Results

  • Create a highly predictable, data-driven, automated conversion mechanism that tracks and measures content ROI.

  • ROI is 3x more when the same amount is invested first in conversion optimization as compared to content creation without installing conversion automation.


Optimise your content for SaaS Conversation Metrics

Insights: Conversion optimization for better Content Marketing ROI

  • 84% of B2B SaaS founders use paid distribution channels for content marketing purposes; of that group, 72% use paid social media/promoted posts.Of those who use paid advertising, 38% say they’ve shifted paid advertising dollars to content marketing in the last 12 months.

  • 95% of B2B Companies use LinkedIn as both the organic and paid social media platform. It generates the best content marketing results for their organization. 86% uses Twitter, 83% Facebook, 53% uses Youtube, 46% uses Instagram. Other organic social channels: Medium (11%); Pinterest (10%); Quora (5%); Reddit (5%); Snapchat (3%); and Other (7%).


Optimise your content for SaaS Conversation Metrics

Activity 7:Content ROI focused Semantic SEO on text, voice and video search

Old Way

  • The old way is to rely on the SEO agency to fix this. Too much focused on technical SEO, H1 tags, meta description, image tags, keywords using WordPress Plugins

  • Focus and priority of actions is based on old-fashioned technical audit tools or relying too much on agencies without any accountability

New Way

  • The new way is to use AI-powered semantic analysis with the quality of internal and external links, analysis of words, and sentences and visual actions on images and videos, on your website.

  • Action prioritization is based on content ROI resulting in maximum impact, clear focus, and self-service analytics to address all major issues on your website.

Old Results

  • Traditional SEO tools is waste of time and not updated. Google algorithms now got advanced and can automatically extract title tags, meta descriptions, and image tags. Traditional SEO tool lacks voice, image, video search optimizations

  • A poor website that is difficult to optimize for higher rankings, and conversion goals without self-analytics and full control over your digital assets.

New Results

  • CrawlQ made this simpler, easier, and faster to track and fix the major architecture, and technical issues on your site to optimize for text, voice, image and video search as an all-in-one fit approach

  • It is possible to become your market’s leading authority on Page #1 of Google while being extremely capital efficient


5 steps voice search engine optimizations to go ahead

Insights: Content ROI focused Semantic SEO on text, voice and video search

  • The most important last step for better content ROI is the solid foundation of your website’s information architecture led by robust technical site structure for error-free crawling, indexing, and rendering of your website content.

  • Using advanced schema markup you can optimize the website content for text, image, voice, and video search and enhanced probability for featured snippets and knowledge graphs on search pages.


5 steps voice search engine optimizations to go ahead

One tool, infinite possibilities

you will be able to rank on page #1 of Google within 30 days or less for your identified search terms for longer period

You will be able to increase organic leads by 40% to 60% by discovering monetary value of your organic traffic.

You will save $100k
in the content marketing budget in 12 months if you execute properly.

You can finally get rid of traditional SEO tools and expensive SEO agencies

You will increase user experience, engagements and increased ROI on your content marketing spend.

You will feel self-control, self visibility and get self analytics on your digital assets outcomes

How It Works ?

Read your Website Using CrawlQ's Semantic Business Analytics

Google and other search engines have grown beyond keywords for ranking a website. They actually read the meaning of your words. That is what our CrawlQ AI tool does, too, and is the reason we can help you establish Authority on Page #1 of Google".

Discover your Domain Topic Clusters Using CrawlQ's Topic Authority

CrawlQ empowers you to study your content clusters, optimize and organize your internal links & site structure by adding new relevant topics or deleting old topics in a simple and easy way using NLP algorithms in the backend.

Differentiate from your Competitors Using CrawlQ's Contextual Analytics

CrawlQ makes it easy, faster, and cheaper to get competitor insights on all semantic angles. You can compare product to product, URL to URL, and page to page contents from your competitors on all semantic angles.

Mine your Semantic Topics Using CrawlQ's FREE AI-based Content Idea Generator

CrawlQ allows you to mine content topics that are semantically coherent to your domain and relatively strong to your competitors. It also provides an easy means to track your rank against your organic competitors on Google.

Double Optimize your Contents Using CrawlQ's Content Optimizer

CrawlQ provides a high semantic score to your content if it is well-optimized for your user's intent and competitors' strength. This is the last and most essential step for your market's leading authority on page #1 of Google.

Foundational Copyrighting

People don't' buy your Features they will buy outcomes and certainty to move from one undesirable state to a more desirable state.

Product-Market-Fit & Collecting Case Studies

We help you to identify and validate profitable business case studies and a resulting model that duplicates that profitable unit case studies as quickly as possible.

Building Digital Assets

We start step-by-step action plan to help you with our tried and tested data-driven templates and PDF wireframes to create landing page, sales page, quiz page, blog pages, product pages, pricing pages, sign up, trials, calendar and thank you page and many more. Our method and vehicle will empower you to dial in a perfect message, and placement of all Call to Action (CTA) buttons on your website to give you complete control of user behavior. This will maximize count of qualified leads and conversations from your website traffic.

Competitor Analysis

Next, we will help you to analyze your competitors. You‌ ‌will‌ ‌save money and decrease time to market your product and services with in-depth understanding of your competitors weakness and strengths. This knowledge will help you to uniquely position your business to your online customers}.‌ ‌ ‌You will be able to benchmark your product and services to your core competitors.

Optimization And Automation Of Organic Growth

Take a full control of your visitors on your website and direct them to the desired Call to Actions. Track, measure and automate your campaign to scale your business.

Crafting A Video Sales Pitch

Craft a perfect video sales pitch to warm up prospect before they buy from you

General questions

What distinguishes you from everyone else?

Unlike other traditional SEO tools that are too focused on technical SEO. CrawlQ's semantic intelligence actually reads your website for meaning and provides in-depth actionable insight and helps you bridge the gap in your content and search intent.

Who are you guys, anyway?

Quantamix Solution was founded a year back, and we launched CrawlQ in Web Summit at Lison on November 04, 2019, and Our sparring partners have established authority in the field of data science and machine learning along with serial entrepreneurship experience of 18+ years in the industry.

What exactly are you promising?

Optimize your semantic content strategy to rank on page #1 of google in 30 days or less. CrawlQ is everything that you need other than a Traffic Analytics & a marketing CRM tool. If you follow the 3-step semantic content optimization framework, results are guaranteed for your selected search terms.

What evidence do you have to back up these promises and claims?

Our own case study From 0 to 50 Qualified organic Leads per month without paid ads and referral programs and many of our happy and satisfied clients who experience the same growth in their inbound organic traffic and visibility

How do I know your solution will work for me? Who hasn't it worked for?

Well, it's For data-driven B2B SaaS Growth Founders | Entrepreneurs who have at least $10k MRR, who wants to get to $1m ARR. But struggling with online visibility.

How do I present this to my team?

You can use our training video and case studies to educate your team members and colleagues about benefits and possible growth opportunities using crawlQ for your digital assets.

What are the typical contract terms?

Well, our plans are flexible you can always book a demo call to get a price and get on-board, and we will never misuse, trade or sell your personal information with 3rd parties with your concern.

What if I'm not satisfied with your service? what if I want to leave?

if you don't experience growth and results by using our tool and following our 3-step semantic content optimization framework, you can cancel your subscription anytime

What type of support do you offer?

We will provide you and your team our customizable training resources to master our 3-step semantic content optimization framework, and for any queries and concerns you can always raise a support ticket, we will try to reach you out as soon as possible.

Where did you get the idea to offer this solution?

A half-year back, we started with our own blogging engine on the use of AI and Data Science in Semantic Search, but our blogs were not visible on top results we try to juggle around with traditional SEO tools and tactics, but it didn't work out, then we decide to solve this problem and run a series of rapid experiments which resulted in the development of CrawlQ and our 3-step semantic content optimization framework