We Help B2B data-driven Founders who want to take their Business Online in this Economic Downturn using "Organic methods without paid ads, referral programs while being extremely capital efficient i.e., no fund raising."

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1. We will discover your biggest problems, fears, pain-points and map out to your potential buyers with their user persona. 2. We will discover your domain semantic and your key organic competitors. 3. We will discover topic ideas to boost your brand visibility and authority action plan. 4. We will discover growth hacking tips & tops to generate organic leads and convert these to paying customers. 5. We will discover and make an actionable plan to make it rain.

Hey, all... I know we all going through a tough time and reacting to it differently. Most important is our determination to fight it out, and what binds us commonly is our ability to turn around, break this noise and keep moving forward.

During the past few days, we all learned so much how things can move and can take drastic turns affecting our social and professional life.

In the coming days, as we make transition plans, there will be a few things that will change fundamentally. It is not your fault. Profoundly, there will be a change in how we built an online business, how we find our target audience, how we find our product-market fit, and how to deal with your competitors.

For B2B SaaS Founders | Entrepreneurs👨🏻‍💻, the organic growth is so so fundamental and the core of your business proposition. There is no point in moving to paid ads and referral programs 💵. Whatever, amount you spend in, you have no way to generate the same ROI as it was before as fewer and fewer people are searching on Google with a buying intent 🤔.

Now, more than ever, you need to rely on your content strategy to find your target audient, to map their emotions, fear, desires, dreams, and user personas. Never before and now on, you need to ignite the buying intent and break the panic mode we have set for ourselves 🧩.

We are so glad, what we have been working so far can act as a new model for cheaper, easier and faster to "Become Your Market's Leading Authority on Page #1 of Google In 30 Days Or Less" without paid ads and referral programs.

Harish Kumar
Growth Specialist | CEO

How To Become Your Market's Leading Authority on Page #1 of Google In 30 Days Or Less

This is for B2B SaaS Growth Founders | Entrepreneurs Who Wants To Take Their Business Online As Soon As Possible In This Economic Downtime

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