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The New Generation AI-powered Content Automation platform helps you create quality content to engage your target audience, optimize webpages to organically get more clicks, sales, and content authority with cutting-edge Market, Competitor and Topic Research Tools, and AI Content Writer.

The future of automated content creation

With CrawlQ, you can craft authority content faster without mastering copywriting and SEO skills.

Research your buyer persona effortlessly

Stop wasting hundreds of hours doing A/B testing. Understand your target audience in-depth and keep your content most relevant and valuable for them.

Anchor your competitive advantage easily

Never struggle to project your core domain strength to your target audience. Make sure your website tells the story and differentiates from your competitors.

Information architecture using topic clusters

Your content strategy doesn’t have to fail miserably. Get a comprehensive overview of content architecture representing your target audience’s semantic intelligence and search intent.


Automate your content creation using AI copywriter

You don’t have to be dependent on the expensive and time-consuming old ways of content creation. Generate AI-powered authority content that not only resonates with your target audience but helps you get more clicks and sales.

Optimize your website for Sales and SEO

Forget the old school SEO and Sales Copywriting. Compose content with search intent, market research, and semantic keywords: Increase your organic traffic, conversion rates, and the overall Content ROI by 10x.

Join 100+ companies on their journey to #1

We have built CrawlQ so you can scale organic growth faster

Create authority content without hiring a copy writer or outsourcing to a marketing agency.
Craft highly engaging content for all your marketing campaigns. Be it email, social media or performance marketing.
Content Creators
Content Creators
Accelerate content marketing activities by creating more content pieces in less time without compromising the quality.

Hear from our customers

CrawlQ discovers buying intent and enables you to tailor your content. It helped me grow my clients’ inbound organic growth funnel by a whopping 68%!

Sushil Krishna
Growack Media,
I’m really glad and shockingly impressed how CrawlQ helped me in doubling my website organic traffic and conversions in just 6 months.

Eckhard Ortwein
CrawlQ helped us identify our ideal buyer persona, prepare original content, and do A/B Testing with an in-bound content-focused funnel.

Jafar Lofti
This is like hiring a $10k consultant for $79. I'm super pumped to use this to its full potential because I recently gained clarity on who my target market is. I think this is potentially the most powerful software in the AppSumo marketplace right now.

Joshua Cunningham
Growth consultant
I have been trying many Al and GPT-3 tools for my marketing campaigns lately, but I didn't come across this much deeper and integrated tool like

Rahul Singla
I have to agree that using your product for my podcast has been awesome and my clients for my digital marketing love it.

Phil Beter
Podcast Host,
Invest In Yourself
It's a useful tool for even people who do not have copywriting experience. It gives you a nice flavor of all things that one should do before writing the content and doing SEO marketing.

Pravin Patil
Awesome tool! It helps me speed up my work with nice content pieces for multiple campaigns like social, email, and more.

Roniya Paul
Senior Growth Marketer


One of the Best tool for “Creative content”

When we start the entrepreneurial journey, there are always many pain points, and content is the most critical. Being in the B2B domain, it is essential to understand the buyer’s persona, competitor’s analysis, and most importantly, create a strong sales pitch that can further help convey the right message to the potential clients. CrawlQ is a one-stop solution to all these challenges. A wonderfully designed application with a simple but fully functional User Interface provides a lot of creativity to develop the absolute content. It is worth it and highly recommended.


CrawlQ need of the hour.

It is recommended for sure. Great for content creation. If you aren’t using a tool like this that allows you to research and identify your buyer’s persona in the world of cutthroat competition, then you are already lagging. The website was overwhelmed with information from the competitor’s analysis, topic modeling, and SEO optimization.


CrawlQ are the front runners for Open Al’s GPT3 API

CrawlQ Al is an exciting company and one for the future. Unlike other Content Al companies, they are looking to incorporate buyers persona into their technology+That technology is OpenAl’s GPT3 API It’s still in beta testing. Still, as the technology evolves, it will make it much easier to write content. When you first log in to the CrawlQ Al dashboard, it will seem overwhelming. Their team is on hand to point you in the right direction. They are very responsive to any questions that you may have. They are also updating their onboarding to make your experience better. The company’s approach impresses me CrawlQ Al is looking to improve its platform based on feedback from its customers. I do ask that you are patient as this is a company for the future. I am happy to be an early adopter.


A Bit Overwhelming, but Very Impressive.

I bought this a few days back and immediately jumped in, then almost immediately jumped out because there was so much to do it was overwhelming. However, I went back in and started messing with it more, and it’s not as complicated as it seems after you get the hang of it. Overall I’m very impressed, and if they continue improving the output and streamlining the onboarding input process/workflow, this will be a unicorn. People who didn’t buy will be kicking themselves later on. Even as-is, this is a 5-taco product, but I feel it will get better and better over time. The founder looks pretty open to feedback and improving the tool.


Bright future for CrawlQ (and our content marketing efforts)

Indeed CrawilQ is one of the best investments we have made. We have been using tools for content creation, and optimization like Frase CrawliQ is more innovative than all others/From topic research to content SEO optimization. It has a wide variety of features like topic keyword, Al Content Re-writer, technical SEO, and many more. The tool still has some minor bugs, But since it offers lots of features for a content marketer or internet marketer, it’s very worth it for now. Grab this LTD, or you will regret it later.


Another Al tool? This is different.

Another Al tool, there seems to be so many at the moment. I’m a bit addicted to them, but this is different. There is more focus on giving the tool as much data and insight as you can. It then takes that and works wonders. I’m not going to lie only scratched the surface of what is possible. But I’m excited, and this product is good to invest in


Powerful tool

It’s more complicated to use for the first time. It feels potent, not the traditional SEO tool, for buyer persona. Copywriting Scripts supports GPT-3. Use Q&A to help you complete. It is better than the available al writing tool.


Awesome Tool

First, let me begin by saying-Great work, guys. I have been using this tool for over a week. Initially, I found this app a bit tough, but I hang it after using it for a few days. This app is a powerhouse.
I have been using other Al-based apps, which were more of a push-button kind. This app is different. It helps you understand and define your consumer very well. The market research and market resonance feature are fantastic.
I also had a word with the founder, Harish. I found him very patient in explaining the features of this app. This app has a few limitations, but what I understood from Harish that they are addressing that. Undoubtedly this is a great app. I am thrilled with this purchase. The deal is a steal, so that I will say grab it. Great app, and I wish the team great success.


Wow, I really needed a tool like that.

It’s like the ultimate sandbox playground for all your marketing research. The tool basically guides you during your research to make sure you cover all aspects of marketing research, which is definitely one of my top purchases in AppSumo.


The one app you do not want to miss.

This is an innovative approach to content writing, and one of the unique features is psycho-graphics. It is phenomenal. Finally, something really innovative.



I just added outlines translated to Spanish to my text and I saw an amazing bounce 1 week later in impressions, it is a highly targeted keyword about b2b wholesale workboots and workshoes in Mexico, I just received a call today from this webpage, so my close rate against visits looks cool, I will work more in content and enrich it with graphs, I have a lot of work but it really helped me to understand my market, totally worth it now!!!!

Admittingly, when I first bought this tool, I was expecting an AI content writer and researcher. Similar to Frase or another content generator. I stopped using it for a while since I was time-constrained. However, after taking a deep dive into the product, I’m happy with my investment regardless of the current stage of development. If you are, by chance, a person that wants a magic tool to help you write all your content and not willing to fill out the fields, this app isn’t for you. As a marketing consultant that does implementation work, I can confidently say this takes your game to a new level. Stop complaining about the “1000” of questions. If you put garbage into the fields because you are impatient or don’t know enough about the industry, you will not get the best output. I can’t tell you how many would be “bloggers” or “SEO” specialists write articles about building muscle/losing weight when they never spent a day in the gym or don’t know the difference between complex vs. simple carbohydrates. If you ever worked in an agency, start-up, or involved with clients in the F500 level: identifying, establishing, testing, and reinforcing value propositions for a niche separates you from a generic SEO specialist. In the grand scheme of things, understanding branding and search intent will make or break your conversions, bounce rate, sales, and other KPI metrics. In time, after fixes and fine-tuning, this can be easily a 5 figure product many consultants and C-Suite executives would gladly pay.

I stacked CrawlQ some weeks ago on app sumo. The app fits exactly with our consulting practice. Thus, stumbling upon CrawlQ was a no-brainer for me. I stacked it instantly. The past weeks I dug into the app, watched every single YouTube video, read hours of introduction material, and spent days with market research, etc. It takes a lot of brain and time to understand the app – and honestly, the UI isn’t easy to understand. Yet, I am curious about the app’s results, but I am also convinced this to be absolutely the right approach for sustainable business success. Hopefully, the app evolves with time, and the UI will be a little more accessible and understandable. I love the app’s approach! It is the correct way to go.

I had a call yesterday with Harish Kumar. We started from the niche selection to content creation, including sales copy and blog content creation. The product needs some improvements, but no software in the market dig deep like CrawlQ AI Content Automation. This software helps in creating the first draft. The product is not for people who want to create great content in 5 minutes…This solution is for people who want consistent results in the long term. But the big point of this product is its founder Harish Kumar, who is committed to improving the product by listening and applying our feedbacks. So let’s help him and help ourselves!

So I just started playing with this, and it’s fantastic. I just did the suspicions, and they were DEAD on!

Jennifer Anastansi
Brand and Marketing Strategist • Jennifer Anastasi, LLC

I’ve finally entered CrawlQ after watching this video and the video of the updated sales copywriting feature. Even though it’s still not perfect, I can see just how vast the potential is, and so far, I’m enjoying it.😉 AI-powered research and sales page generator! Now I’m eager to see this completed practical version as soon as possible.

Masatoshi Mastsumiya
Senior software engineer • EA - Electronic Arts

I had a call with the owner yesterday. This tool has masses of potential. I’ve been in digital marketing for about 20 years and have not seen something as extensive. There are many AI content tools on the market that provide quick wins and instant content. This one is different. Take time to go through the videos and learn. As you won’t get content, you will pretty much get an entire content marketing strategy and brand identity kit. I’m still learning, and it can be overwhelming, but reach out to support. They have been great. Be patient and take time to know about it. I also like they are adding new features. Have a great weekend, everyone.

Sam Broom
Digital Marketer

Drew Howe nichess does not tell us what our audience is searching for, but CrawlQ tells us what our audience wants and when we know what it wants, we can write content according to it.
Donald trump applied this technique in the 2016 elections, and Cambridge Analytica used the same method to identify the audience’s pain points. Mr. Trump just hit hard on pain points of the public, and Voila won the elections despite his eccentricities.

Zohaib Salman
Writer • Punjab Bar Council

Harish Kumar The quirks of the software aside – things not loading, etc… I just tried this today with the Dan Kennedy formula, and I am blown away by some of the stuff that the ai came up with (in the answers to the prompts). It created connections between the ideas I have been putting in and came up with its ideas, including a name for a concept I struggled to come up with and a 3/4 sentence paragraph that was just a bullseye. It’s not all perfect, and I don’t expect it to be. But I am finding some nuggets of absolute gold.
The final draft it creates is a dirty draft that I can further polish – not perfect by any means. I would love to see those quirks worked out. But for now, I am floored with what this software can do.

Bhavesh Naik
Founder & Creative Director • Awayre, LLC

It is taking me some time to wrap my head around the power and potential of this tool. A big part of that is me, as I needed to upgrade some of my SEO and Persona knowledge and skillsets. Imho, I think this is well worth investing time to master this tool and workflow. I haven’t seen anything else like this in the market today.

Bernard Pitte
Sr. Sales & Training Manager •Thinking Capital

I’m now in the workflow with SEMRush + nichesss + Frase. As I see the limitations and generalizations and have very much developed personas avatars (know them how they breathe and what they think at 2 am), I’m on the fence to switch to CrawlQ.

Mihajlo Vucetic
Mindset Makeover Specialist • Hilow Method

All I can say is wow. This tool is Amazing. You may need to understand a little bit of everything tho. Seo, copywriting, content, digital marketing, advertising to see the big picture after finding your customer. With this being said, they may create a digital marketing platform for the customer journey or add it to this tool. I know they can do it based on what I see in this tool.
Copywriting and content for Awareness, engagement, subscription, sales. It’s already there if you know what to look for, But I would love to create copywriting and content campaigns for these on an individual level. Incorporating principles of breakthrough advertising inside this tool is already mind-blowing.

Chris Whitney
Digital Marketer

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